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We find ways to save energy, water and other resources and help the business reposition in a market that is sensitive to climate impacts.


Environmental perspectives for your business

For the traditional business, doing business in carbon-constrained markets is likely to be challenging.  One of the main reasons for this is that traditional metrics for business do not provide the full picture in the new markets that are emerging.  The business needs to consider new dimensions, and these evolve around climate and the environment.   If your business is ignoring these essential aspects by which others are judging it, not only is business strategy likely to be deficient, there is the potential for the business to lose out because products and processes are not properly aligned.

Product & Process Design - design service for implementing changes that save energy, water, & materials as well as delivering cost savings.

Business Transformation - service for assessing and designing the transformation of the business into low carbon markets.

Green Supply Chain - planning service for helping a business to develop a supply chain process when customer, stakeholder and legal drivers require improvement in environmental performance.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions - identifying ways to reduce emissions from your enterprise, products and supply chains and reducing risk to brand and reputation.  We prepare public disclosures to CDP and other disclosure platforms.


Greenclick predictive analytics can find energy, water and materials savings in your sites as well as your supply chain.

Predictive analytics

Case studies

Energy savings on the large complex site

Energy savings through the supply chain

Exploring scenarios for savings