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There is no quick and easy way to go green.  There is no single technology or technology that can fix the myriad inefficient and wasteful uses of energy, water and other resources that are all around us.  It is a matter of taking many small steps - with each step leading to improved and more sensible use of the limited and valuable resources available to us.  It is the taking of those steps - steps to a greener future - that is the focus of Greenclick.


Greenclick provides services to help companies to develop value propositions and strategies for the low-carbon economy and to reduce their impact on the environment.

Increasingly aware of green issues, consumers are now consciously choosing green products.  The same applies in business-to-business markets.  Our strategy service will help you take advantage of the shift in the market requiring greater levels of environmental responsibility.

As action to reduce environmental impacts moves into the supply chain, the business needs to quickly assess what its options are.  Greenclick uses unique assessment tools to help the business identify energy and environmental impacts through the supply chain and respond to the new demands.

We are now seeing large-scale shifts taking place in the market as business and industry builds the low carbon economy.  For businesses to succeed, innovation is essential.  When everything around the business is being disrupted by low-cost and low-carbon competitors, it is crucial to take action.

Our energy efficiency service identifies how energy can be used more efficiently so as reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  We can provide a full breakdown of where energy is used in the organisation and how much of it can be saved.

Integrated Resource Productivity is an advanced service for the business wishing to take a leading role in sustainability.  The service is an integrated assessment of energy, water and materials. This allows savings to be accessed which are well beyond those achieved through separate reviews.

Scenario planning won’t predict the future for you, but it will provide you with a powerful means of improving your business strategy & identifying ways to improve your business performance.  Our service will help you to enhance the position of your business and products in the green marketplace.